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I fly out tomorrow morning to begin my 4-week Spring Break in France, Italy and Switzerland!  Check out my itinerary below: Mar 24 – Mar 28: Paris, France Mar 29 – Mar 29: Mont St Michel, France Mar 30 – Mar 31: Bayeux, France Apr 01 – Apr 03: Arles, France Apr 04 – Apr …

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Bagpipes, Botanicals, & Borderlands?

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Finally, the long belated bagpipe blog, a flower-filled fling at the Glasgow Botanical Gardens, and a quick class commute to the Scotland-England borders. Ya I know the last one’s a stretch, but enough with the alliterations and let me hear that bloated sheep carcass… Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of just how the bagpipes …

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Of Kings and Castles.

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Return to the Queen’s Arms, Cliffside Defenses, Portcullis, The Great Hall, Ancient Ruins, One O’Clock Gun, Mon Megs, Honours of Scotland, War Museum, & National War Memorial…. A return trip to Edinburgh with Sarah, Matt & Jackie the Wednesday of last week proved to be absorbed in near entirety by the size and wealth of …

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Sarah and Jackie (Matt’s Girlfriend) are visiting for Creighton’s Spring Break with us here in Glasgow.  This past weekend, Dan, Heidi, Matt, Jackie, Sarah, and I took a short 25 minute flight to Belfast to explore all that Northern Ireland has to offer… We flew out early Friday morning (£25/way) but clouded skies obscured any …

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The Forest Park.

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Matt pulls an infamous 3L bottle of Scottish Cider from a plastic bag carabined to his backpack which he has been lugging for the past few miles up and over the pass. The next few miles fly by as Dan, Lauren, Matt & I enjoy the company of each other and our fifth companion Frosty …

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Another solid outing with the GHWC last weekend. We were originally supposed to hike Glen Tilt but due to an overnight snow and possible blizzard conditions higher up, we opted for a lower walk around the winter-frosted Killiecrankie from the town of Pitlochry. All in all, just over 10 miles clocked on the GPS as …

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I had my first test this past Thursday! It’s worth 30% of my Infection & Immunity grade, with the final comprising the other 70%. Thats a pretty standard grade make-up here in Scotland, not much buffer. The test took place in the main building in a giant test hall (one of two) which has the …

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Blog Along.

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If you didn’t already know, a few of my fellow Principia Consortium students have blog’s about the Glasgow experience: Dan Belatti (Creighton): Scottish Bluejay Heidi Holmes (Creighton): Glasgow Bluejay Lauren Johnson (Westminster Utah): Wool Socks & Wellies So take a look and see what my peers are experiencing…

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The Isle of Arran.

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Using the toeboxes of our hiking boots to dig into the snow slopes like crampons, we ascend the final snowpacked trail segment and the path opens to a boulder field as the pyramid form of the geological summit marker rises above the ridge ahead.  We race to the top to be greeted by a 360-deg view of the …

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Had a fantastic daytrip this weekend with the G.H.W.C. We met at the train station on the Kelvin River just north of the University. From there we loaded onto one of the members’ minibus and headed a short ways away for a dayhike of the Dum Goyne Circuit. We were introduced to Scottish fogmist but …

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