An Adventure.

Posted July 1, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  1 Comment

What a great spring, my travels took me all across Eastern Europe and the Isles: London, England – The Lake District – Hadrian’s Wall & Northumbria – Glasgow, Scotland – Edinburgh – The Falkirk Wheel – Stirling Castle – The East Neuk – Cairngorms – Inverness – Isle of Skye – Loch Ness – The …

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The Swiss Scene.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

Posted June 30, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  2 Comments

Switzerland was a beautiful country. Our train ride into the country from Lake Como was a dark, rainy day which filled the mountainsides with spectacular waterfalls–pure grandeur. We spent the night in Chur before picking up tickets on the Swiss Scenic Railway – the Glacier Express! The 360* panorama windows made the ride unfrogettable as …

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The Great Italian Adventure.

Posted April 25, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  1 Comment

Northern Italy is strinkingly different from the south because of the landscape of the Italian Alps.  Our hostel in Mennaggio on Lake Como was situated on the mountainside just above the road that traces the shoreline, it had the most spectacular view which we enjoyed eating pizza from their restaurant on the patio and later …

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Queen of the Adriatic.

Posted April 13, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  1 Comment

A winding maze of alleys, bridges, and canals on which Gondolas drift with couples sharing champagne under the starlight—the postcards and pictures which fill your imagination for what we all imagine Venice to be does not disappoint. This began to sink in as I looked out the train window to see us surrounded by water …

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Chianti Country.

Posted April 12, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  3 Comments

Florence’s relatively small size surprised me as, when speaking of Italy, I would have considered it with Venice and Rome to comprise the largest cities—whereas it is seemingly just one of the most popular. After exploring Venice, wandering through the major streets to all the major attractions, we hiked out across the river into the …

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The French Riviera

Posted April 10, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  2 Comments

There’s something different about the French Riviera, maybe it’s the melting of France with the Italian and Spanish cultures or something as simple as the scent of Jasmin and flowers that floats through the terra-cotta roofed alleyway air as it mixes with the salt of the Mediterranean sea. The striking change from Normandy, however, is …

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From Avignon to Arles.

Posted April 7, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  3 Comments

The fields of Normandy and the lights of Paris faded into the early morning mist until the sun shed to view mountains, cliffs, and castles, wisping by with the passing of the 6:52 to Avignon. The landscape quickly transformed from the wet farmlands of Northern France to the arid climate of Van Gogh’s Starry Night …

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Posted April 5, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  2 Comments

Bayeux seemed the quintessential small French town: a few streets of stores, local bakeries and pastry shops, a 13th-century cathedral complete with rat-infested crypt, medieval ramparts, a central park, and a winding maze of townhouse streets connecting them. It is hard to believe that this area of Normandy was the stage for the largest naval …

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The Island Abbey.

Posted April 3, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  2 Comments

The 6:35am Paris to Pontorson-Mont St Michel train went off without a hitch and allowed for some time to blog as does the 10:00am train to Bayeux, from which I write this morning. Mont St Michel was absolutely gorgeous and scored a 9/10 on the Castle scale, it was assuredly the most castley castle yet. …

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Bonjour de Paris!

Posted March 29, 2011  /   By jahjr1989  /  1 Comment

Emerging from the Blanche subway station to a massive, rotating red sparkle of a windmill with the words MOULIN ROUGE emblazoned in the posting above, I catch my first glance of my home for the next five days: Paris, France. Props must be afforded Dan for his resolve to insist the importance of location in …

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