The Island Abbey.


The 6:35am Paris to Pontorson-Mont St Michel train went off without a hitch and allowed for some time to blog as does the 10:00am train to Bayeux, from which I write this morning.

Mont St Michel was absolutely gorgeous and scored a 9/10 on the Castle scale, it was assuredly the most castley castle yet. The bus dropped us at the entrance after a long causeway which lent an amazing view of the island Abbey. From there we explored the perimeter of the island from the salt flats, currently having been low tide. I found a tower on the outer wall which had a gate that was rusting apart and partly closed portcullis which allowed me to squeeze under it. The first level was half-filled with sand and a stone staircase led me up to a second on which large iron-wrought wooden doors eroded by the sea and time had been left. The stairs continued up past an old wooden-wheeled wheelbarrow to the turret pinnacle. It was an amazing find that led for a small adventure. Further along the coast was a tiny, one-room chapel perched on the rocks on the head of the island that would have been surrounded at high tide.

Inside the walls, the cobblestone road led in circles up through levels of the castle in a well-fortified nature to the Abbey on top, which had been occupied since the 9th century. We toured the Abbey which had amazing views from the church terrace (previously part of the abbey until it burned down), grand halls for dining, guests, and knights; chapels and corridors tucked in every corner and leading off to the unknown, a huge wheel and rope system for raising supplies on tracked-sleds from the outer wall to the keep, a beautiful garden courtyard, and a magnificent stone worked church from which we caught the monks and sisters singing prayers at noon.

Today we set off for Bayeux to visit the town, tapestry, and, tomorrow, Normandy beach.


Posted: April 3, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. Lisa Huston says:

    Great pics, Jo! Sounds like a cool visit!

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