The French Riviera


There’s something different about the French Riviera, maybe it’s the melting of France with the Italian and Spanish cultures or something as simple as the scent of Jasmin and flowers that floats through the terra-cotta roofed alleyway air as it mixes with the salt of the Mediterranean sea. The striking change from Normandy, however, is obviously clear in the sea-side portages of Nice.

The Villa Saint Exupery Gardens hostel, hailed unequivocally as the best in France, introduced us to our first ‘real’ hostel experience. It is perched on the hillside North of the old town from which stunning views to the ocean are visible from our bedroom window. We enjoyed two nights in Nice exploring the coast by day and the atmosphere of the hostel commons in the evenings.

After arriving by train and tram, we took a bus trip to the mountain town of Eze Village which remains as a reminder of the local’s geographic border proximity with villages built in inconveniently inaccessible but defensible positions and forts on the ridges between valleys. We hiked the valley from the village to the coast past a beautiful waterfall and the rocky cliffs it traces.

Our second day was spent walking the coast and soaking in the sun on the beach of Cap d’Ail. The long-absent Scotland sun was certainly a welcome change.

We head out to Florence tomorrow morning, just as I begin to grasp a few French phrases, we move to Italy!


Posted: April 10, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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