Queen of the Adriatic.


A winding maze of alleys, bridges, and canals on which Gondolas drift with couples sharing champagne under the starlight—the postcards and pictures which fill your imagination for what we all imagine Venice to be does not disappoint. This began to sink in as I looked out the train window to see us surrounded by water on a long bridge before halting at our destination in Venice.

Getting lost in the streets of Venice is certainly the best way to explore the wealth of shops and out of sight alleys and is how we spent our day there. I often found myself sitting on the banks of a canal, watching the ships and boats pass by: Police boats, ambulance boats, bus-boats, taxi-boats, and the ornately adorned black gondolas.

Taxi: Most were pretty luxurious with leather seats and polished wooden interiors.

Venetian Bus: Complete with extremely complicated bus line diagrams.

Gondola: the romantic option for touring the city.

The beverage of choice for the area is frizzante which is a sparkling wine, but not neccesarily sweet or bitter like our sparkling wines or champagnes, it can be any wine taste but with gas. In fact our trains thus far through Italy have taken us through many drinks and foods including: Bologna, Genoa, Chianti, and Parma.

Sunday morning, we celebrated mass at St. Mark’s basilica which, although not permitting pictures, is adorned with a massive gold tile mosaic which coats the entirety of the interior ceiling. After mass, I had a hot salami and parmesan wrap on the bank of the Grand Canal until it was time to catch the train to our final Italy destination, Lake Como.


Posted: April 13, 2011

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