Chianti Country.


As I enter Italy, I thought it would be a good idea to show the locations of each of the places we visited in France.

Florence’s relatively small size surprised me as, when speaking of Italy, I would have considered it with Venice and Rome to comprise the largest cities—whereas it is seemingly just one of the most popular.
After exploring Venice, wandering through the major streets to all the major attractions, we hiked out across the river into the suburbs of large chateaus and high-walled, narrow streets to a hill which overlooked the city.

I enjoyed dinner that night at a suggestion from our hostel map during which I enjoyed a delicious traditional Italian meal—pasta appetizer, main course meat, salad to finish with dessert.

The next day we took advantage of our train pass by going on a day trip to Siena before taking our late afternoon train to Venice. The area bordered by Florence on the North and Siena to the south is the region called Chianti, after which the wine from here is named.  We didn’t have a map of Sienna, so I don’t know most of what we looked at, but we did find a fort and explored the inside and out of it with great views of the city.  We also found a church that had a Saint’s head in it that you could see, it was hardly degraded after hundreds of years.

Take a look through the pictures which detail our travels.

Next up, Venice.


Posted: April 12, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. Lisa Huston says:

    Awww brings back so many memories… I think you have a typo in the sentence “After exploring Venice…” shouldn’t that be “Florence” instead?

  2. […] Directions →Read more on my blog: Chianti Country. +Share Tweet […]

  3. […] Directions →Read more on my blog: Chianti Country. +Share Tweet […]

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