What a relief, Glasgow!


This morning continued yesterday’s hecticness with waking up about every hour since I went to sleep in fear of my alarm not going off and missing the bus.  Despite waking up and arriving at the bus station early, the bus found no need to stop for me and went on by…  After walking with my two suitcases and two backpacks to the next station where I was going to connect buses, I arrived across the street just as the bus pulled away from the stop.  I hailed him at the red light but he refused to let me on, bloody Londoners!

More walking, taxi missed, walking, taxi hailed, £20 ride, train caught, everything changes.

With the early morning darkness, also faded London and all the stress from before.  I slept for the first hour or two of the ride to awaken to a beautiful deep green country.  I watched as tiny villages and small towns glided past blending into the miles of stone fences which traced the landscape.  The train followed for a great while a river which was beautiful to behold against the green rolling hills dotted with black-faced sheep and long-haired cattle and horses.  Lancaster, teeming with stone houses, came from nowhere along with its castle or two that appeared from amongst the hills.  The country stretched on as I rode for four more hours to Glasgow which was heralded by a wind farm on a distant hill.

[cincopa AUNA5b6lP6oH]

I was a little lost at the large train station and unlike London, could not find any information booths, maps, or employees.  So I wandered into the street to see a great city of multi-story stone buildings nestled alongside eachother, sharing walls in good Scottish fashion.  I grabbed a taxi and was introduced to the kindness and welcoming spirit of the people of Glasgow.

After exchanging pleaseantries about my studies and origins and being complemented on the lack of the typical “strong american accent,” the taxi driver gave me an unofficial tour of the city and history as we made our way to Cairncross house to pick up my flat keys. Due to my misfortunes in London I was already running short on cash and watched with dread every tick of the cab meter.  The driver must have taken notice of my worry and assured me it was only just up the way.  £5 Ride.

At Cairncross House, I found myself face to face with a large old Scot who looked as though he just got off the ship after 60 years of fishing the North Scottish Coast, complete with big round red face laced to completion with a white beard.  He spoke with such a thick, deep accent, I could barely take in his instructions to turn the corner to the building on the left.  He was very kind and muttled all sorts of Scottish rubbish as he stumbled through the envelopes, “Oh fitz!”.

I found my flat and it has a decent view from my room being on the top (4th) floor.  I can see a river of some sort with a massive sailing vessel which I plan to investigate in the coming days.  Night fell early, as it did in London, and brought to view a Clocktower just on the otherside of the river on which I can make out the time!

[nggallery id=2]

I went for a walk to grab something to eat, having not eaten all day and found a chinese restraunt at the end of my block, they have some decent deals and I plan to return with Matt and Dan.

I’ve nearly adjusted to the time difference and hope that by forcing myself to remain awake longer tonight and sleeping late that I will be adjusted by tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, Cheerio!


Posted: January 3, 2011

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  1. johnhuston says:

    So much for adjusting overnight… I guess 6 hours of sleep in the past 96 didnt bode well as I slept in till 245pm. Setting my alarm tonight for 10am to try and force it 🙂

  2. Lisa Huston says:

    So what’s the setup of your flat? Does each person have his own room, like your’s, shown? And then you all share a kitchen? Is there a common area too? Show more pics!

    • johnhuston says:

      You enter at one end of a hall and the kitchen door is directly across from you where theres a kitchen with a bar type counter and across the counter is a dining table and large wall windows behind. Down the hall there is two bedrooms on each side (like mine) and a broom closet at the end of the hall.
      Its not a very social setup and of our three flatmates, i have met one of them twice. They have the kitchen in a complete mess and is why I havent posted pics as of yet. I just spent a while cleaning it tonight though and Matt is vacuuming right now so I plan to do a videotour as soon as I have some time. Stay tuned!

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