Snowy Days!


It began snowing last night.  Glaswegians say that it never snows in the city and are very curious at the weather as of late after the coldest December in many years in Scotland and nearly a 100 in the UK.  I caught my daily walk to school on this beautiful snowy morning (including the castles I mentioned earlier, night pictures still to come).

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We went on a daytrip to Edinburgh (Ed-in-bur-rohw), Scotland’s capital through the University today, £10.  We had an hour bus tour and then Matt and I went to find a place to eat.  It was quite an adventure, walking down every street but the right one (which the tour guide said where all the pubs were) and just as I was about to give up we saw a place called “The Queens Arms”, plain out front with some stairs leading down to it.  We looked at the menu and decided we were tired of walking and the prices weren’t going to kill us.  We each had our first pint since coming to the UK.  Matt had the fish and chips, which was delicious and much better than what I had in London.  It seems customary to serve Fish and Chips with mashed peas, very strange but good!  I had a chicken pie with ‘concannon?’.  Concannon is apparently some doctored mash potatoes with onion etc, very good.  The chicken pie was the best I have ever had, tender young chicken, leeks, tarragon, the most creamy sweet, perfectly spiced sauce, and a light flaky pastry crust baked in a circle on top.  By far, the best food I had since landing in Heathrow.  The waitress was nice and we couldn’t have hoped for a better atmosphere: leather padded armchairs, wooden cask stools, book shelves, rustic bar and a footbal game playing on the televisions.  I could have sat there all day with a couple of pints and more food!  But there was things to see.

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I’ll let you discover the rest of the story which is highlighted by: Edinburgh Castle, Scottish Art Museum, The Royal Mile, and ending our walk about town (quite fortunately) on Calton Hill near our bus rally point which had breathtaking views of everywhere we had gone that day and a whole other side of the city we didnt even know existed!  Including the North Sea face.

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Posted: January 8, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. Lisa Huston says:

    love all the snowy pics! we just had our first snow of winter in Dallas over the weekend! when does it start to warm up in Scotland?

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