Settling In.


Got back on track this morning, woke up at 9:30 before my 10am alarm!

Matt got in today and is in the same flat as me!  We had dinner 3 stories below at Dan/Heidi’s flat.  Matt told us about his adventures flying and introduction to the Scottish accents.  We ate three packages of £1 tortellini between the five of us with garlic bread and spinach/carrot/tomato salad in a balsalmic vinagrette.  Very cost effect and one of the best meals yet!  We’re planning to do much meal sharing over the course of the semester. Still afraid to use our Kitchen as the other three residents have left it quite a pit.  Dan and Heidi says their’s was the same and they cleaned it.
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Dan found a press release for today that our water source resevoir is contaminated with crypto!  Heidi is sick with it and all of us are crossing our fingers.  Matt and I boiled some water tonight to have until we can get our hands on a big bottled water.

Well that’s it for today, 8am wake-up call for Orientation tomorrow!

Lang may yer lum reek!May you live long and stay well.


Posted: January 5, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. michaelthomson says:

    Contaminated water huh? Sounds like fun. Also like how it says howdy, Michael when I sign in. Nice touch John.

  2. johnhuston says:

    Well looks like crossing our fingers worked… Heidi realized today that the article was 7 years old and just didnt have a date on it and that she must have gotten sick form something else. Man I’m really gonna miss boiling that water!

  3. Lisa Huston says:

    Haha! that’s hilarious that the article is old. So glad that you’re not at risk though, Jo! I’ve been reading your blog daily. Thanks for keeping us posted. Sounds like fun! Are Dan and Heidi from Creighton too, or did you just meet them in Scotland?

  4. johnhuston says:

    Dan & Heidi are both from my class of Honors Students at Creighton. Dan is one of the guys I go backpacking with every summer and Heidi is his girlfriend.

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