Off to City Centre (Downtown)!


Just met up with Dan and we’re going to explore the city centre and pick up some much needed amenitities. More to come… (Click the Comment button below the Post to See More)


Posted: January 4, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. johnhuston says:

    Ate at a Spanish Restraunt downtown – dried meats and cheeses with bread and olives, delicioso! Also had some lemon, chili spiced chicken. What they called “Lemonade” was really a sprite type drink… lesson learned. Overall very good.

    Went down the street after dinner and grabbed some groceries. Very reasonably priced, maybe I’ll be able to eat afterall! Enjoying some toast and jam before bed, hoping to be up by 10am tomorrow and get on schedule before Orientation on Thursday. Night all!

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