Gettin’ Oriented.


Orientation today provided some good insight into what to expect for the semester.  Classes start next monday and go through the end of March.  Then we have Spring break until our finals and are done when our finals are done!  Im still deciding on my classes between the following and can take a max of 65 Scotdat (credits) and minimum of 58 (lots of wiggle room with the classes being in increments of 10…):

  • The Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas & Influences (20 Scotdat) (Required for my Program)
  • Bagpipes: History, Repetoire, & Performance (20 Scotdat)
  • Reproduction & Development 2 (10 Scotdat)
  • Infection & Immunity 2 (10 Scotdat)
  • Evolutionary Biology 2 (10 Scotdat) (Required to finish my Biology Minor)
  • Archaeology: Fiel & Classroom (20 Scotdat)

The Bagpiping class sounds like so much fun.  We learn on a “chanter” which is a mouthpiece and the recorder like end of the bagpipe that you use your fingers on.  The bag and the pipes that come off the top are just used to keep that constant note that is so familiar with piping (a fact I didnt know until today).  So we learn on the chanter, but it sounds just like the business end of the full pipes except quieter, very excited.  The teacher who came to explain the class today played a bit at the end, it was great, the best part of my day!

I’ve still to see if any of the classes conflict for time but I am hoping that they don’t and will try to finalize my schedule tomorrow evening.

Skipped the Q&A afternoon session of orientation today to grab some groceries, a bit of an adventure.  Got to see a bit of the city by foot and captured a shot of the river I cross everyday on the way to campus.

[singlepic id=50]

Left my camera at home in my backpack after being exhausted from lugging back the groceries the couple miles across town.  Headed out to a social on campus for the new international students where we had a complimentary beer and finger food (which Matt and I made into dinner with a few trips) but had a hell of a time getting there.  We decided to take a scenic back route up some stairs to the backside of campus…

Backside of “chapel” (hereon refferred to by what it is, CASTLE), creepy castle alley, underground, back staircase, 3rd story catwalk, fire escape, dead end, arch, giant wood doors, courtyard, locked doors, another courtyard, locked again, new arch and doors, can see the party through the windows now but all doors locked, about a mile circle around the castle, open sesame.  Who needs a mote right?

Kept wishing I had my camera after that, all the buildings are lit up with colorful lights including an art gallery (another castle) right next to the University in addition to all the University buildings.  There are all kinds of amazing little gems hidden all over the city, discovering many just today on our modest walk around our area.

[singlepic id=51]

Found out an interesting fact today that all the streetlights here are Low-Pressure Sodium-Vapor lamps which effervese a dampened yellow glow.  According to our reliable friend Wikipedia, many cities with large observatories will use these.  A fact we were admiring earlier in the pitch black of 5pm, where despite being in the center of a large city we could see all the stars perfectly.

As I write this I am thinking it in a Scottish accent, sign of things to come?  I think I better call it a night because as the Scottish say:

Am pure done inI’m feeling very tired.


Posted: January 6, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

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  1. Lisa Huston says:

    The bagpipe class sounds awesome! Def do it!

  2. michaelthomson says:

    bagpipes for sure…remember if you learn you have to play at my wedding or funeral, whichever comes first.

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