Edinburgh, Scotland in 720p.


I reccomend maximizing them. Might take a minute to load.


Posted: January 9, 2011

Author: jahjr1989

Category: Blog

  1. huston_cf says:

    John, enjoying your blogs and videos/photos! Gorgeous snowy sunset city scenes! Dad said you are COLD! Told you to buy WOOL sweaters! Cotton’s for Houston winters! HA! Did you tour inside the castle as well? How’s the food there? Can you get American food at all? Glasgow looks like a cool city. Love the tidbits of Scottish lingo you throw into your blogs! jWe are freezing here in Houston! It hasn’t gotten above 40 degrees in days! I wish I had a wool sweater! HA! Love you, son! Mom

    • johnhuston says:

      I was just using the liner on my winter jacket which is all I normally where, I’ve sinced attached the snow shell and its much warmer. I think its going to continue to warm anyways, the seasonal averages dont really go below freezing.
      We wanted to tour the castle, but it was closed due to icy conditions.
      Umm what do you mean by American food? Theres plenty of food choices althought some of the staple cheap American stuff that I’ve gotten at grocery stores like Chicken Sandwiches and Ramen Noodle type stuff don’t taste as good as American versions. Just gonna have to do some sampling to find good stuff.
      Ill keep yall updated on my food adventures as well!

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