Dear, green place.


Just finished dinner with Matt–Spaghetti & Sausage with Garlic Bread–with a proper Scottish sunset out our Kitchen window.

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Orientation was a bit excessive this morning, hearing from a bunch of speakers who repeated much of the intro we got yesterday.  Matt and I grabbed Indian for Lunch just around the corner from campus, Lamb Curry with rice & naan, student special, £3.99.  We headed straight out from there for a free coach Bus Tour of Glasgow (provided by the school).

The tour was really interesting, our guide knew a lot about the history of all the buildings etc and the stories behind everything was quite amazing, you really can’t find such a rich history around every corner anywhere in America.  The architecture was brilliant and would change dramatically in an instant, in the middle of a 21st century business district would pop up the first building in Glasgow or an ancient cemetary.  The pictures I collected from the bus don’t do it justice and while desiring to head back out immediately to explore all the locations she introduced to us, I think it will be received in better spirits once it warm a bit.

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It is very cold and the moisture makes it bitter.  My pant liners, jeans, thermal, shirt, sweater, jacket, gloves and scarf are still instantly overcome by the cold.  Although later in the day I found putting my rainjacket over that with my hood helps significantly.  Our tour guide was also teaching us Scottish sayings and vocab as they came up in her speech and added a few as well.  She told us how Glasgow was named after ‘Ghlaschu’ meaning “Dear, green place”.  I can’t wait until April/May when it is said to be beautifully green but even now the grass is green and there are many trees by the rivers and in the parks.

Tour of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, tomorrow.

It’s a dreich day!Said in reference to the weather, when it’s cold, damp and miserable.


Posted: January 7, 2011

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