Arrived in London.


One-hour mechanical delay + nine hours of baby and toddler playing flip the tray-table on my seatback and who can cry louder wasn’t the best start to the trip.

I arrived in London at 7:20am and it took me till 8:40 to get through customs… the line was terrible.  Train, underground line closed, tube alternate route, switch trains, wrong station, new ticket, right station, hostel.

The hostel was pretty cool, found the one corner where wireless and a power hookup was so I could charge my camera battery and send some emails.  Had a nice little bar that I enjoyed a guiness at later that night.  Nice yard in the back with a deck and hot tub, lounge and pool table inside.  Finally headed out around noon to take a Big Bus Tour.

Back to the underground, forgot to change into warmer clothes, cold, daily subway pass this time, Victoria station, looking for the big bus ticket location, still looking, exchange some cash at the terminal, ticket bought, Big Bus Tour.

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I sat on the top of the bus just behind the roofed portion until it was too cold to stand.  Got a nice tour of the city with a pretty funny tour guide.  The architecture was really cool and varied with the bombing from WWII.  Overall pretty cool although I was too cold and too tired to make stops along the way and instead went back to the hostel around 5pm after grabbing some decent Fish & Chips at the Shakespeare where the waitress stretched my 15minutes of eating into what felt like an eternity of waiting.

Went to sleep early as I had to catch a 5:39am train to Glasgow.


Posted: January 3, 2011

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